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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Anti-Zucc Machine?

It is a series of scripts that allow you to submit any existing Youtube video link and it will automatically be downloaded to Liberty Archives and preserved forever.

Why would I want to do that?

This can be helpful for numerous reasons. Youtube is a great website and provides world class infastructure with an open API. The only problem is that it frequently censors content uploaded to it's site, sometimes it's not even by choice of Google, but because they are obviously in the spotlight and legally obligated to censor. Sometimes videos aren't censored at all, but deleted by the original uploader to try to hide incriminating evidence against them in a pending case. Whatever the reason a video is removed, whether it's for copyright, political, or other Youtube ToS violations, it happens and this is a service aiming to combat against it and protect the free-flow of information for all.

Why Utilize Youtube at all?

As aforementioned, the infastructure Google provides is unparalled, especially with the limited resources we have to run Liberty Archives. If we allowed direct uploads to the site, it'd be a messy and potentially hazardous situation. We simply don't have the capability of detecting malicious files, compressing/converting videos, and upload speeds Google servers can provide for free. Instead of trying to run a competing video streaming service and failing, we can let them do all of the heavy lifting and be on standby to grab content at risk of getting censored before it gets taken down. This also allows content creators to keep monitizing their content through Google and their content backed up by a 3rd party, and this can even be done by fans without any interaction by the original content creator at all.

How Do I Add Videos?

Simply copy the link for any accessible video, paste it in the box below (one link at a time!), and click the button "add to queue". Below that, you'll see the current queue. When you are ready for the download to begin, click the link "download the queue". You'll see a message indicating the video is downloading, please wait patiently until you are notified that it is complete. When it is, you'll see it in the list of "submissions". The video is now saved to Liberty Archives and if the original is censored or removed from Youtube, it will still remain here!

Any Other Tips?

If you are browsing videos on Youtube and see something controversial, don't hesitate to post it here and back it up. Most videos are live for a few days (or more) before they get censored, they don't get taken down instantly. It's better to be safe than sorry and act now before it's too late. Many content creators don't think very far forward in terms of censorship, and delete their original video file after they've uploaded it. Taking a few minutes to "Anti-Zucc" a video can be the difference between that video disappearing into the internet abyss or living forever for current and future generations to study and analyze.

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