What is This Site?

Liberty Archives is a privately run, data preservation effort. Imagine the internet and all of mankind's creations are the Library of Alexandria. We are the equivalent of one person going through every single book with a quill, vial of ink and roll of parchment attempting to copy every book by hand.

Our goal is to collect and archive as much digital content as we possibly can to preserve the internet, our culture, and human history. As of right now, this operation has secured 32TB of data.

What Kind of Content Do We Archive?

For a project like this, there is really no limit (besides hardware) to how much we can store, but right now we try to categorize everything into 5 format types

  • Audio
    - podcasts, music, interviews, sound effects, and comedy routines
  • Documents
    - articles, books, comics, datasets and magazines.
  • Images
    - photographs, memes, infographics, graphics, and emoticons
  • Software
    - applications, games, source codes, and operating systems
  • Videos
    - movies, television, documentaries, news reports, internet/youtube videos, and sports

  • Why Are We Doing This?

    You may think this sounds like a tedious and unrewarding endeavor. But here at Liberty Archives, we think we owe it to future generations to use the currently available technology to try our best to preserve as much as possible. There are constant threats to the free flow of information from entities with malicious intent, and it is important to us to attempt to be a cog in the mechanism that protects against censorship.

    We do not try to hide the fact that our organization has an obvious bias in favor of laissez-faire libertarianism, but we strive to be fair and even archive information that conflicts with the beliefs of the site administration. Our belief in free speech takes priority over all other preferences, as we believe that the truth will be apparent if everybody is given a fair platform to make their arguments.


    In 2019, we stopped hosting direct access to our archives. As you may know, there is a fierce war against "piracy" and in order to continue preserving data in a meaningful way without the threat of violence, we have made the tough decision to focus solely on archving and less on public hosting.

    There is no official way to view/access the archives. We can however, promise that we will still continue to grow them and perhaps one day in the future work with a 3rd party to distribute them in a reliable and censorship-proof fashion.

    The Philosophy of Liberty