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Running a website like this isn't free, it requires a constant flow of revenue to pay for bandwidth, hardware, domain names and VPNs. It has become increasingly difficult to join any decent advertising platform due to the nature of this website. Donations are always welcome, but we really don't enjoy begging for money, and we're sure you don't like it either. Fortunately, now there is a way that you can help fund our project without buying anything or spending any money out of your pocket.

Join us in mining cryptocurrency by dedicating a small bit of your device's computing power to helping us earn revenue. All you have to do is click the link, leave the page open, and go about your regular business. Your device will handle the rest automatically (as long as you keep the page open), and you will be supporting our growth by doing nothing!

Let us know what you think about this method, and if you would be opposed to us doing this in the background sitewide. We think this is an invaluable tool for us to finally properly monetize this project and grow, but we want to be as transparent as possible and do not want to compromise the trust of our users.

What is This Site?

Liberty Archives is a FREE privately run data archiving website, a digital library, an online history preservation project, an entertainment hub, a social media hub, blogging platform, forum, video, audio, image, and game hosting service provider. Our goal is to collect and archive as much content/data on physical drives as we possibly can to preserve our culture and history. We download torrents, scrape websites, and use custom scripts to mirror Youtube Channels. It is important to protect the internet and flow of information from powerful forces with malicious intent, and we wish to be a cog in the mechanism that protects against censorship.

In order to continue doing what we do, we rely on donations, and cryptocurrency mining to help invest in data storage, hardware, bandwidth, VPNs and electricity usage.

In an age of abundant DMCA take-downs, a piracy witch-hunt and life destroying legal repercussions, we have to be able to control who has access to the full archives. However, we are currently open to new registrations.

How to Get Started

  • Sign Up and answer the simple bot-preventative questions
  • The admin will now review your account. If approved, you will receive an email at the specified address to let you know you can log in.
  • Log In to your new account.
  • Now you will have to join a group to gain permissions. Different groups allow you to view various sections of the forum, and pages on the website. To be able to view our full archive, select the "Liberty Archives" group. Your application is now pending, and when approved (within 24-48 hours) you will be able to browse all pages on the website and access our full archives.

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    a very good video that helped inspire the core values behind this project

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