News 10.17.2019

  • Major changes coming to Liberty Archives. We regret to announce we have decided there is too much heat to continuing hosting the archives over HTTP, so we are shutting down the existing archives. We will continue to preserve information like normal, but it won't be hosted on the website like it normally is. We may open to the public again under a different banner and brand in the future, but not in this current form. This domain and brand is just too closely associated with my identity and I do not wish to take on that kind of risk going forward.
  • The site will remain online, and I will keep the Anti-Zucc Machine going as well as the Weather page. Odyssey will keep running, and I will probably relaunch the Minecraft/Counter Strike servers and use this as their home. I will probably keep using this as my development playground as well, so any cool things I come up with will be here.
  • I want to thank everybody who has been supportive over the years, and I want to repeat that I will still keep archiving, just not publicly. Thanks again <3