Welcome to Ethia, the game of path choosing

In Ethia, you will face many challenges and decisions in which you will respond to with various options. This game will be completely text based and relatively long.
Once you enter the Village of Ethia, you CANNOT save your progress, so if you exit, you will have to restart your adventure.
You will also be able to earn random items and Points by reaching the various scenarios.

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About the Making of Ethia

Ethia is an old project I created my senior year of highschool in 2011 when I first created what is now Liberty Archives (the website had a few names before Liberty Archives such as CCChat, RoFLZoNe, and FreeWorld). Back then, the website was only a free cloud hosted forum and a place for me to learn basic HTML. Ethia was the product of my young creative mind and learning basic codes like linking pages, embedding images and formatting pages (along with hours of boredom in classes & study halls). Anyway, as the site and platform has progressed over time I've made some changes to keep it looking fresh and advancing with the new site templates, but I make sure to keep the original dialogue and images. Eventually I will probably implement a proper item and reward system (there may or may not be one at the time of reading this) but nonetheless the game should be playable all the way through if you wish to do so. Who knows, one day I may even have some inspiration (and complete boredom) and create Ethia 2.