• The site is undergoing some more changes, starting with TV shows. First, as stated previously we are working on recompressing all of the old videos that were either compressed poorly by us, or never compressed by us at all and using an unknown compression format.
  • As we download and recompress TV shows, we will be reordering them by total episode number, rather than trying to figure out the Season and Episode for each video. With the Season/Episode system, it works fine for some series but with others, there is a lot of confusion as to which episode belongs in which season and for the sake of adopting a universal format sitewide and to avoid episodes getting left out or duplicated, it's best to just go by total production series number and not try to figure out the seasons.
  • Episodes names will not included in the filename, instead we will provide a notes.txt file on every page of the site which will list all of the episode names for each corresponding episode number, as well as provide information on the series, archiving status, and if we are missing anything to complete the series.
  • Since this is an archiving site with limited infastructure and resources, trying to run it as a streaming site is inefficient and not really sustainable. So as we redo series, we will be archiving episodes into ZIP files. Each zip will be less than 700MB so that they can be burned to a normal CD if desired. This will make it a little bit less convenient for the average user to view content from the site, but the intention is to archive data, not provide a convenient streaming experience. This change will help save bandwidth and put less strain on the drives. Also, it will set us up for eventually pivoting to serving content exclusively through torrents, which will allow us to host the site completely anonymously.
  • These changes like others, will be gradual over time, but we believe they will be overall positive for the longetivity of the project.


  • Now that it's easier to add pages to the site (and therefore folders to the archives) I can start to break down sections a little bit better to improve organization.
  • Currently, I'm working on downloading many magazine bundles and creating a folder for each publication. It didn't make much sense to categorize them by topic because that's not how we categorize TV or Comics, so it only makese sense to do it by title.
  • It will take a little while for it to go live due to the fact that there are so many different magazine titles, but it's in the works and will dramatically increase the quality of the magazine section when it does.


  • We've successfully completed the new template, and have implemented it sitewide.
  • As mentioned previously, it utilizes PHP variables to generate pages based on which ones are enabled or disabled.
  • Adding/editing pages will be multitudes easier in the future, which means more time available to focus on archiving and less time editing pages.
  • The current site password is posted in the Discord server. Not sure if I'll keep using that as the place to obtain it, but it works for now.
  • With the new template setup, it will allow us to easily maintain both the modern layout and the legacy layout (for older browsers or slow connections).


  • Lots of changes in the works!
  • First, we are retiring the Social Network section, which includes the Forum and the Blogs. The forum has been dead for years and nobody has shown interest in running a blog, so there's not really any point in continuing them. As for user authentication to the archives, we are going to switch to a .htpasswd model. That means instead of having your own unique login that's (loosely) tied to your identity, there will be just one password that is used to access the content. I haven't decided how I'm going to distribute that password yet, for now it's on a per-request basis until I figure it out. Thinking about going the Mumble route, where people will join my server and authenticated users on there will have access to the latest password (it will change periodically).
  • It's quite clear what our users are interested in, so we are currently working on adding like 50+ TV shows, which will grow our show archive by about 25% at the moment.
  • I am also currently reworking the TV section (and eventually the rest). It might take a while, but I've come up with decent template that will link each show's IMDB/Wikipedia pages, as well as display a short description and a promo video.
  • On the backend, the template design is becoming much more seamless and making it easier to add/edit pages in the future by utilizing PHP variables. With the new layout, every index page for each show is an exact copy, and they pull the data for the show from a separate metadata file. That makes it so I don't have to find/replace any lines in the the index/legacy pages, which will increase productivity a ton in the long run.


  • You may have noticed some drives have been inaccessible for the past few days. The reason for this is that we are working on a major infastructure (hardware) upgrade that should improve performance and scalability going forward. We appreciate your patience while we get some of the kinks worked out!
  • 07.13.2019

  • Working on new lists and backend updates to the template on Liberty Archives, should make it a lot less tedious for me to add new pages going forward.
  • Updating the Legacy template, removed all images from, optimized it for old browsers, slow connections or no javascript. Those are likely the reasons someone would use the legacy template, so we might as well cater to those users.


  • It's become obvious to me that when I first started storing/converting videos back in 2013, I didn't know very much about video resolution or aspect ratios. This is noticeable when you look at videos added to the archives between 2013 and 2015, many of them are really obscure resolutions that don't make much sense and produce a lot of pixels. Fortunately sometime in late 2015 or 2016, I figured out what I was doing and started compressing videos at a standard 360p @ 4:3 ratio (480x360). Granted, this still isn't the greatest quality, but I never intended on this being a place to find the newest movies/shows at HD quality. We aren't trying to replace traditional physical media/streaming services or cut away at their profits, we simply want to make content available to those who seek it if it's otherwise unavailable. I think the current format is a fair balance between quality and file size so that I can continue to archive a large quantity of content, but still be viewable assuming you tweak your screen settings properly. If you like something so much that you want it in HD, you should be willing to support the actors, producers, etc and pay for it. However, if you just want to find something to see if you are interested before you buy, or need it for research, creative works, or it has been censored to the point where it cannot be found even if you are willing to pay, then 360p should be sufficient, and that's what we are here to support.
  • Anyway, the point of making this update is to announce that we will be going back and re-compressing videos that we did a poor job of doing initially. This will be a process because we'll have to re-download everything we've already done, and we might not even be able to find it all (due to dead torrents, etc). But what we are able to find, we will begin fixing and replacing. Just to clarify, I do not intend on increasing our standard 360p quality, but fixing the ones which were compressed to be the size of 360p but are strange resolutions, thus creating particularly poor quality. This will happen over time, the poor-er quality rips will be available as usual until they are replaced by the better ones.


  • We are pleased to announce Liberty Archives is back up at full capacity! We have been working diligently and are (mostly) caught up on downloads that we fell behind on.


  • You may have noticed for the last month, our archive drives have been unavailable. Rest assured, all data is safe, but the previous physical location it was being hosted from is no longer available. We will continue to try our best to keep updating all channels and RSS feeds when possible, but hosting is just not possible at the current time. We hope to get this all sorted out in the future.
  • The website will continue to be hosted, as well as the IRC, Ventrilo and Odyssey servers. This outage mostly effects archives being accessible. We apologize for the inconvenience.


  • Finally set up proper backups for the archives and VPS/servers. Every 24 hours, servers will shut down at 03:45am EST for approximately 15 minutes to allow automatic backups to occur.
  • Content lists will now be generated and updated on the live site daily.
  • I also figured out a way to manually (not automatic yet unfortunately) sort the list files and search for duplicates in a few clicks. This will allow me to free up space being wasted on dupes. 89 duplicate movies were removed, bringing our total to 4550.
  • Set up a 404 page. Now that scandir isn't being utilized to display content, I now no longer have to add empty folders to each drive to avoid error message spam on the page. This allows me to remove a lot of backend clutter, and simply display an "empty folder" message if the directory does not exist. Also, since I no longer need to keep adding folders, I can finally start working towards finalizing the drives and making them read-only. Once this happens, I can look at alternate ways (such as torrents) to distribute the full archives to ensure longterm survival.

    News 09.28.18

  • I've spent the last couple days cleaning up the home directory and migrating most of the website over to the VPS
  • There are still a few kinks to work out, but the migration went pretty smooth.
  • Now, the website will be served off the VPS and even if my local connection goes out, it will still remain running. All of the site content is still hosted on local drives, so if the connection goes out the content will be inaccessible.
  • The libertyarchives.org domain now points to my local server which hosts the drives, and the libertyarchives.info domain is the main domain.
  • There should be some noticeable improvements to page load times, but content load times will be unaffected.

    News 09.06.18

  • Over the past couple months, I've been working on making it so all content in each section can be found easily, across all the drives without causing long load times, browser crashes in directories with a large amount of files, or scaling issues in the future.
  • Every page now has a [LIST] button. This button will open a text file (either in browser, or download depending on how your browser is configured) that lists every file in a section, and it's drive location. Once you know your file's drive location, select the corresponding number on the page. This new process will allow guests to browse the site content while still being restricted access to the actual files, and also allows browsing while the drives are offline.
  • These list files will be updated daily, which allows us to move files around amongst drives and users don't lose track of where their file is located.

    News 07.02.18

  • Progress on the backend has been sorta slow, but we continue to keep adding content daily.
  • We now have a total of 20TB for our archives, not including space for server files and backups.
  • We continue to host the thriving Odyssey Online Classic community via VPS
  • The Homesteading for Liberty project continues as well, and we keep making progress towards goals
  • Viewing content on this website requires registration, but unregistered guests can browse sections but not content.
  • Registration requires a secret code (includes instructions to obtain code). This has been very effective for preventing automated bot registrations. Users are free to share the code with their human friends, but it may change in the future as bots figure it out.

    News 03.22.18

  • Over the past few months, we have been trying to get the file structure right so that we can provde a userfriendly experience, as well as keep everything organized as we scale up. I believe we have found the balance now, and we have updated the whole site to a new format. We are utilizing the PHP directory outputs as well as Apache's directory listings to provde the cleanest and best looking experience.
  • As of now, the entire site is functioning as normal, and registration is no longer necessary to view content
  • Purchased a new domain libertyarchives.space. Plans are to migrate the main webserver to a VPS and host the content through the new domain, so when downtime occurs at least a page is served rather than dead link.

    News 12.12.17

  • Been a long time since updates have been done here. The site is still running well, we have a machine dedicated to reading drives with SATA (no more USB docks!) and converting content. We have completely redone the way content is listed in pages, as well as split everything into 1TB partitions to make backups easier. Once all the pages are updated to reflect the file structure changes, all in all it should make the site function more stable, and make it more scalable in the future as we add more content. We are also opening pages to the public. The risks are understood, but a lot of work goes into this site and it needs to be appreciated and supported as such. This can only happen if new people are able to see what it has to offer and why it is superior.
  • Odyssey Online Classic server is still doing well and bringing in funding for the project. Again, thank you to everybody for the continued support.

    News 09.25.17

  • Decided to go ahead and implement the Javascript cryptocurrency miner sitewide. By default, it will only use 20% of 1 thread. This should generate a tiny bit of revenue from each user, but not actually hinder your device to do so. Let us know if everything functions as normal, or if you have any issues with the site after this implementation.

    News 09.24.17

  • We have configured a Javascript cryptocurrency (specifically at this time, Monero) miner. For now, this will only run on the specified page but we are considering implementing this sitewide in the future, if it is a success. We feel this is the best way to monetize our projects and to fund everything as a grassroots effort. If you are opposed, feel free to let us know

    News 07.16.17

  • I decided it is no longer efficient to announce every new addition to the site, so you will have to log in and visit the pages to see new content
  • Started configuring an email server to receive emails and send them via the forum for registration
  • Created a self signed SSL certificate for secure browsing

    News 05.13.17

  • Still working on updating the site template to the new version, almost complete!
  • Making it so that you can switch back and forth between the new version and legacy version of the website
  • Revamped the Patreon campaign to include many rewards
  • Started a Youtube channel called Liberty Homesteader which I will use to teach methods of self sufficiency and also build suppport for this website
  • Started revamping account profiles with the new template

    News 04.28.17

  • Revamped the pages for Ethia Path Choosing Game

    News 02.27.17

  • Many updates since the new year!
  • Started an Odyssey Classic server/registry and purchased a dedicated server with money from in-game store revenue
  • Currently working on redoing the entire site template for every page

    News 12.31.16

  • Fixed the blog, users can now create blogs again
  • SSO across forum and blogs works again

    News 12.25.16

  • Added the channel FreeKeene

    News 12.23.16

  • Added the channel CodysLab

    News 12.12.16

  • New 4TB drive added! Will be working on cleaning up files for awhile
  • Also working on adding the entire GeoCities Archive

    News 12.08.16

  • Added the channel PewDiePie

    News 12.06.16

  • Over the past couple weeks, we have been working on implementing a script that will rip all the video descriptions, annotations, subtitles and thumbnails from each video on every channel we have synced. This has been a long process (over 450,000 different files total), but we finally finished downloading them all.

    News 10.30.16

  • Added the Dash - Digital Cash channel
  • Added the Off_Grid_With_Doug_and_Stacy channel

    News 10.18.16

  • Working on making new content for Patreon Sponsors only. For just $1 per month, you can view all content added to the site a week early. Don't worry though, if you don't pay up, you will still be able to access everything when it is automatically moved every Sunday

    News 10.16.16

  • Added the podcast The Daily Shoah
  • Added the channel Jas_Townsend_and_Son_Inc
  • Added the channel Chris Ray Gun

    News 10.10.16

  • Been working on finally getting a complete mirrored backup the last few days. Got some new 2TB drives thanks to our generous donors/sponsors. We have also added affiliate links for various services that will earn us commission. If want to support us without paying anything extra, check that out.
  • Working on opening up a store and offering offline content. Stay tuned for more announcements

    News 09.26.16

  • Implemented a new, modernized homepage, and will eventually implement it site wide. You can still access the legacy version.

    News 09.16.16

  • Added the Star Trek Shows

    News 09.11.16

  • Added the channel ReasonTV

    News 09.06.16

  • Added the show It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

    News 09.04.16

  • Added the show Parks and Recreation

    News 09.02.16

  • Added the podcast Johnny Rocket Launch Pad

    News 09.01.16

  • Added the podcast The Voluntary Life

    News 08.30.16

  • Added the channel Real Stories

    News 08.29.16

  • Added the show Bill Nye The Science Guy

    News 08.23.16

  • I would like to announce a new project we are working on, a new website called "Now You Know Liberty". The goal for this new site is to basically serve as a hub/directory for all of the best liberty content on the internet. The front page features some of the best and most effective videos that introduce some of the ideas of of liberty to people who are new to it. The sidebar will feature various liberty sites, channels, podcasts, pages and books. We are renting a cloud hosted server in an effort to protect Liberty Archives, and to keep up with the influx of traffic we hope to receive. Also since we are using an external host with no pirated content, we can start placing ads to bring in revenue. I will continue to post about the status of the project here, but for now you can check it out via the new domain www.nowyouknowliberty.com

    News 08.15.16

  • Added the podcast Penn's Sunday Show

    News 08.14.16

  • Added the podcast Anarcho-Yakitalism
  • Added the podcast Off the Air Live
  • Added the podcast No State Project

    News 07.24.16

  • Added the podcast Sovyrn Tech
  • Added the show Star Wars Clone Wars

    News 07.15.16

  • Added a collection of over 7000 flash games. Enjoy, let us know if there are any broken ones.

    News 07.14.16

  • Been working on a lot lately. The Odyssey Classic History Book is now basically a separate site with it's own template. We now are the home of an Odyssey Registry and will be offering free server hosting. We also host the Odyssey Mega Pack that will automatically distribute all the latest known Odyssey clients.
  • Wrote a bunch of new scripts to help keep things organized and scale up for the future
  • Counter Strike client now automatically synce with the server maps
  • Working on an auto downloader for all games hosted by us
  • Renaming the Library section to the Academy section. I think that name is more suiting for the goal of the section (and currently more than half the site). I will be reorganizing and fixing links over the next couple weeks so bare with me if some links are broken, it is a long process.

    News 06.27.16

  • Added the channel One Minute Economics

    News 05.16.16

  • Suspending the Bitcoin Blockchain backup for now. Will bring it back hopefully in the future if I can run a 24/7 full node.

    News 05.13.16

  • Now that it is clear the famous torrent uploader YIFY is retired, We are now working on archiving a majority of his rips. Expect over 3000 movies to be added over time. Added 100 today, more to come over time.
  • Added the channel Black Pigeon Speaks
  • Added the channel TVOI (The Voice of Idaho)
  • Added the FreeThoughts Podcast

    News 05.10.16

  • Added the show Will & Grace

    News 04.21.16

  • We are now hosting a copy of the Bitcoin blockchain, which we will update as frequently as possible
  • Added the ability to explore the files of the Counter Strike server

    News 04.19.16

  • Added the channel YourFavoriteMartian

    News 04.07.16

  • Added the channel SmarterEveryday
  • Added the channel engineer775

    News 03.29.16

  • Added the channel iCreatables
  • Added the channel Off Grid Warrior
  • Added the channel PragerU

    News 03.23.16

  • Added the channel Learn Liberty

    News 03.04.16

  • Added the chanel KnowYourMeme

    News 02.29.16

  • Added the show Fuller House

    News 02.21.16

  • Added the show Black Sails

    News 02.16.16

  • Added the channel Ben Swann
  • Added the show The Middle

    News 02.13.16

  • Added the show The X-Files

    News 02.12.16

  • Added a channel from the Oregon Standoff - Defend Your Base

    News 02.09.16

  • Added the channel Daily Decrypt

    News 02.03.16

  • Added the show Hell on Wheels

    News 02.01.16

  • Added the channel nigahiga
  • Added the channel SaveOurSovereignty

    News 01.31.16

  • Added the channel RonJohnson107

    News 01.29.16

  • Added the podcast Anarchast
  • Added the channel FBI

    News 01.28.16

  • Created a Youtube Video Downloader page. You can now paste video links to be downloaded automatically to the archives in browser

    News 01.27.16

  • Added the show Mister Rogers Neighborhood
  • Adding the show Sesame Street

    News 01.26.16

  • Added the show Drugs Inc
  • Added the Charmed comics
  • Added Deadpool comics

    News 01.25.16

  • Added the show Adventure Time

    News 01.23.16

  • Added the show Sister Sister

    News 01.21.16

  • Added the show Weeds

    News 01.20.16

  • Working on adding The Teaching Company courses...it is large, will take awhile
  • Mastered another method of automation. New content will be automatically moved and categorized every Sunday
  • Added the channel Neurotically
  • Updated the Survivor Library

    News 01.19.16

  • Added the channel Primitive Technology

    News 01.15.16

  • Added the channel Math Antics

    News 01.14.16

  • Added the Steal This Show podcast

    News 01.10.16

  • Been working on a huge TV show addition for the last couple weeks. You can help speed up this process with generous donations
  • Added the show Courage the Cowardly Dog
  • Added the show Doug
  • Added the show Ed, Edd n Eddy
  • Added the show Forever
  • Added the show The Proud Family
  • Added the show Sabrina The Teenage Witch
  • Added the show Saved by the Bell
  • Added the show Spongebob Squarepants

    Older Updates