1) Who Are We
2) Our Purpose
  - Data Archiving
  - Gameserver Hosting
  - Social Network
  - Building a Self-Sufficient Sanctuary
3) Revenue
4) Expenses
5) Perks For Supporting
6) Current Supporters
7) How to Become a Supporter

Who Are We?

Liberty Archives is a laissez-faire libertarian organization dedicated to preserving and protecting the free flow of information, and promoting the ideas of liberty & self sufficiency.

What Is Our Purpose?

We are a small project with big potential. We create content including blog posts & videos, preserve data, host servers, manage websites/communities, create scripts, build physical infastructure, promote other creators as well as serve as a safeguard for their work, & more.

Data Preservation

 Our goal is to collect and archive as much digital content on physical drives as we possibly can to preserve the internet, our culture, and human history in general. As of right now, our operation hosts 20TB of drive space, as well as a complete mirror backup of all data. For a project like this, there is really no limit (besides for drive space) to how much we can store, but right now we try to categorize everything into 5 format types:

- podcasts, music, interviews, sound effects, and comedy routines

- articles, books, comics, datasets and magazines

- photographs, memes, infographics, graphics, and emoticons

- applications, games, source codes, and operating systems

- movies, television, documentaries, news reports, internet/youtube videos, and sports

Gameserver Hosting

 We are the head administration for a number of game servers and communities. We try to manage all of our games in a way that is consistent with our values. Assuming you are not spamming/flooding, we DO NOT have chat filters in any of our servers. Bans are rare and unlikely to occur unless users are clearly breaking rules and cheating. We strive to create a fun and fair experience for players, where they can enjoy themselves and make new friends.

Odyssey Online Classic
 We are the home for a 2D MMORPG called Odyssey Online Classic. It was created in 1997 by a high school student to prove that a functioning game could be written in Visual Basic 6. 20 years later, it has been long abandoned by the original owner and the source code was passed down through the community. We keep an up-to-date source on our Github Organization so the community can assist in steering the development of the game as time goes on. We also run a registry so that players can run free servers and test out their programming/mapping skills.

 Since 2011, we have hosted a cracked Minecraft server. It features the original survival map, which is well developed and offers a place for people to test their creativity, and express themselves freely.

Counter Strike: Condition Zero
 Condition Zero is one of the most unappreciated version of Counter Strike, but it is the personal favorite of the site administrator. As a result, we run a cracked CSCZ server. This can be accessed via Steam, or using the correct cracked client.

Social Networking & Communication

 Since freedom of speech is one of our founding principles, we run a number of free services and communication channels that allow people to freely discuss topics of interest without fear of censorship at the platform level. These services include:

- Forum
- Blogging Network
- IRC server
- Ventrilo VoIP server
- In-game chat on all of our gaming servers.

Building a Self-Sufficient Sanctuary

 The grid is becoming increasingly centralized as time goes on. Access to the internet is controlled by a handful of corporations, as well as access to electricity. Unlike many websites on the internet, we do not rely on cloud hosting services to provide our services. This means we actually use physical machines to host everything, and no 3rd party company can shut us down. The drawback is that we are dependent on ISPs and electric companies to provide us with the necessary services to continue running.

 We believe as the geo-political climate intensifies on a global scale, these 3rd party services may become increasingly censored, or completely inaccessible. This means to continue to be an unstoppable force and continue running our services, we must create a completely self-sufficient infrastructure.

 Our eventual goal (which is already in progress) is to purchase land in a remote area, configure our own electrical grid via solar panels & wind-turbines, and build a permanent structure where we can set up and run all of our machines.

 Our biggest limitation will be access to high-speed internet, but we hope to one day combat that with decentralized distribution of our entire archives, while we continue to hold a physical copy and create a network that people can access physically in the case of a disaster.

 As this physical sanctuary and self-sufficient community develops, we will document it on one of our blogs called Homesteading For Liberty.

How Do We Fund It?

We do not charge for our content, force paywalls, or display advertisements. Revenue generally comes from:

- Our Liberty Archives Supporters program
- Selling in-game cosmetic content on our main Odyssey server
- Out of the pockets of site administration, working a regular day job.

What Are Some of the Expenses?

In addition to the standard costs of living for a person, there are various expenses associated with running these projects such as:

- Subscriptions to Virtual Private Networks (VPN)
- Subscriptions to Virtual Private Servers (VPS)
- Domain Names (.com, .info)
- Hardware (such as new hard drives & backups for archives, and new servers)
- Everything associated with starting a homestead such as tools, equipment, etc

Perks for Liberty Archives Supporters

There are numerous rewards for becoming a Supporter. This list will continue to grow as time goes on, and new rewards will be offers to all current Supporters. Each reward is limited to ONE account per service (ex; Liberty Archives Website, Discord, Odyssey, etc). You will keep access to these rewards for the duration of your subscription. If you cancel, they will be revoked.

- Access to Supporters role and channels on Discord
- Access to Supporters rank and forums on the Liberty Archives website
- Access to our exclusive Facebook Group
- Prioritized requests for content additions on Liberty Archives (via Discord)
- Custom Joingame message on the Odyssey Realms Classic server
- Access to our new custom profiles on Liberty Archives (still in beta) which allow you to upload/display content which will stay safely stored with our archives.
- Recognition on the Supporter's Page with a link to a page of your choosing.

Current Supporters (Paid - September 2018)

- Cora Persephone (monthly)
- Benjamin Hardel (monthly)
- Michael Clemens (monthly)

Become a Liberty Archives Supporter Today

Ready to make a difference and earn lots of sweet bonuses right now for just $1 per month? We offer many ways for you to pay for your subscription, and you can pay for as many months in advance you'd like at the same rate of $1 per month.

- Cryptocurrency (contact for addresses)
- Paypal (annually)
- US Dollars (Cash) (annually)
- Money Orders (annually)
- Prepaid Debit Cards (annually)
- Giftcards for major companies (annually)
- Patreon (monthly)