Trash Today, Digital Treasure Tomorrow

Recently, I’ve decided to start collecting scrap metal. Why would I do this when I have a full time job and don’t need the money to get by? Well, ever since I was a kid I’ve liked to make money. In the 4th grade I was selling pencils, pens, stickers and small toys in school until my teacher found out and I got yelled at (figures, public schools discourage entrepreneurship right?).

As I approached my teenage years I found other ways to make money such as walking dogs, pulling weeds and watering plants for neighbors. When I got to high school, I started buying packs of cigarettes and selling them $1 per cig. At the time, it was about $7 per pack for Newports, so each pack I sold I profited $13 in which I could reinvest into my business. I sold my first pack and bought 3 more, but this business didn’t last long because I went to an inner-city prison school in which you had to walk through metal detectors and undergo bag searches when you went in. The security guards found my stash, but they were just common thugs themselves and pocketed my cigs and never got me in trouble for it thankfully.

Once I moved out of state at 15, I was introduced to the weed selling game. I did that for a couple years and I was pretty good at it, besides getting robbed by shady people from time to time. I decided eventually that it wasn’t the type of business I was really interested in, the money wasn’t worth the bullshit and heat from the law.

Fast forward to today, I still manage to find random ways to make money such as hosting a game called Odyssey and selling in-game content. That has slowed down a bit this year though, and I’m starting to itch to find another side hustle.

For a long time, I’ve been intrigued by the scrapping and recycling business. It seems simple enough, collect metal, separate it and sell it to a recycling company. In the town I live, there is a lot of competition but it’s also quite a large area so there has to be enough to go around. Yesterday we were walking our dog and noticed lots of cans on the ground (which I picked up, obviously) and even found an old bike.

Initially, I felt kinda shameful to be picking up trash like a hobo, but that feeling passed pretty quick. It’s not like I’m a bum and don’t have a normal job (and so what if I was?). The way I view it now, it’s possible to make money doing it because it does add value to society (cleaning up the town, as well as saving energy by eliminating the need to mine more metal). Scrappers should be encouraged to keep scrapping, and I intend to keep at it even if the reward is minimal.

You still may be wondering why I really want to do this. To be perfectly honest, it’s because I want to buy more XRP. Despite this market bloodbath, I still truly believe that XRP is going to change the world, and that $1 invested today will be worth much much more in the future.

I posted that I was going to start scrapping on the Ripple subreddit and got a lot of mixed responses, but I found it kinda funny that someone asked what the can/XRP price is right now. Apparently, it’ about 5 soda cans per XRP. That’s actually a really interesting number to me. There are people who seriously think that XRP could reach $100 each one day. If you too believe that price prediction is possible (I do, but it will take a long time), then one can conclude that each can you pick up today might be worth $20 later on. In my mind, I’m not actually picking up old cans worth a nickel each, I’m actually picking up $20 bills scattered around town.

With that mindset, I’m a lot more enthusiastic and shameless to be collecting them. People may laugh now and call it crazy, but I do believe I’ll eventually have the last laugh as my unorthodox tactics in the present result in (hopefully) immense wealth tomorrow.

Worst case scenario, XRP never explodes like I’m expecting, and all I did was waste some time. Newsflash; that’s what most people are doing with their free time anyway, just wasting it by either playing games, watching videos, working, or doing whatever else normal people do.

I will keep you, my audience, updated on my progress. At the moment, I’m still researching the market and scouting the area while collecting what I can find. I’ll most likely make some videos of our scrapping adventures very soon, and hopefully inspire someone else to do something outside of the norm in order to build a better future for themselves and their loved ones.