What’s Wrong With Healthcare and Education in America

Businesses will always charge as much as their customers are willing to pay, and customers will pay as much as they can afford.

Now when I think of the 2 most overpriced industries in the United States, I think of Healthcare and Education.

One thing both of these industries have in common is the federal government is willing to extend an unlimited line of credit to customers to purchase these services.

As a result, there is no limit to what customers are willing to pay for said services, because no matter what the cost is they are extended a line of credit to cover it. This line of credit actually raises prices, because if it did not exist then people would be unable to afford it, and the providers of said services would have no choice but to lower prices because they’d have no customers otherwise.

This is why healthcare and education are so fucked in America. I suppose you can partly blame it on “greedy capitalists”, but in reality their greed is enabled and encouraged by the same entity people try to turn to for the solution.

For education the solution is seems easy, just stop taking out student loans and refuse to attend unless prices are fair. For healthcare, the solution isn’t so easy because when people are sick or dying, survival instinct kicks in and they don’t care so much what consequences their actions have on the economy (and I personally don’t blame them at all).

I can’t tell you exactly how to solve the problem, but I can certainly tell you that continuing the same cycle and nationalizing these industries is NOT how you solve it.