Original Classic game-play, frequent backups (no future account resets or data loss), no major world changes, no corrupt gods, and no pay-to-win scheme. Just play the game as it was intended to be played!

Our goal is to create a stable, long-running platform that players can enjoy either chronically or casually and feel certain they will not lose progress again. So far, we have already bought a quad-core, dedicated server and battery backup unit with revenue from our in-game store thanks to our supportive players!

Server has been up for over 6 months with no disasters or major downtime, come stop in and begin the start of your lasting Odyssey adventure!

Quest Guides

How to Play

- Download the Odyssey Realms Registry
- Run the installer named "odyssey-realms-installer.exe"
- Select "Classic" to get started now!
- If you encounter any errors, try the manual download, look in the "readme.txt" file for solutions, or run "chatroom.exe" and ask for some help!