Registration and Login

Anyone can browse Liberty Archives, but in order to access certain content you must be registered, verified, and then given permissions. In this guide, we will walk you through this process.

Step 1) Register on the site

- Be sure to write down your username and password. We CANNOT guarantee recovery if you lose it!

- Upon registration, you'll be asked to enter a secret code. You can find it here, copy and paste it when asked for it.

- You'll be asked a few questions about your identity, please be honest to prevent delays. Nobody can see this information except the site administrator and it will not shared or sold.

- Once you complete registration, you'll have to wait for the site administrator to approve your request. This can take 24-72 hours, and delays can occur depending on how you answered the verification questions. You will NOT be notified when your account is approved, so please check back periodically.

Joining a Group

Groups give you extra permissions on Liberty Archives, and allows you to access more content and communities!

Step 2) Gain permissions by joining a usergroup

- Once your account is verified and approved, you can now request more permissions.

- To do this, go to the User Control Panel

- Here you will see a list of available groups you can join. Some are open and do not require approval, but some do. Permissions on the website are handled though these groups, if you join one, you will gain all the permissions granted to that group.

- Join the Liberty Archives group to gain access to all of the site content! This will have to be approved manually.

Viewing Content

Now that you are a member of the Liberty Archives group, you have access to site content!

Step 3) Find your content. The website is broken down into 5 main categories: Audio, Documents, Images, Software and Video

- For this example, we'll use the TV show Rick and Morty.