How to Play

  • Install the game. You can buy it on Steam or download our custom cracked client.

  • Launch Condition Zero. (Note - If you are using the cracked client, you must run as an administrator and run in Windows XP compatibility)

  • Once you are at the main menu, hit the "~" (tilde) button on your keyboard to bring up the console.

  • Copy and paste this in the console: connect

  • You are now connected to the server!

  • Server Plugins

    IRC Integration
    Relays chat and join/kick messages to IRC and visaversa

    AFK Bomb
    Transfers bomb to another player if bomb carrier is AFK

    All Chat
    Allows dead players chat to be seen by those alive (if All Talk is set on)

    Third Person Viewmode
    Allows you to toggle viewmode via /firstperson & /thirdperson

    Auto Demo Recorder
    Automatically starts recording a demo in your czero folder

    Advanced Bullet Damage
    Shows you damage dealt in real-time

    Internet Relay Chat

    When the server is online, you can chat with the player in live time via the bot