What is Big Dawg Gaming?

We are a laid-back, multi-platform, gaming community made up of members with various interests and game preferences. We play both casual and competitive games, and our members also stream game-play on occasion.

Our Members

Here is a list of our official members

Requirements to Join

Here is what you need to do to become an official member of the Big Dawg Gaming community

  • Join our Discord channel
  • Follow us on social media if you have an account (Facebook/Youtube)
  • Sign up on our forum and join the Big Dawg Gaming Usergroup
  • Create a topic with the specified template on the New Member Requests Forum introducing yourself and get approved to join by the 3 founding members of Big Dawg Gaming
  • A blood sample of your first born child (just kidding xD)

    Once you submit a request to join the Big Dawg Gaming usergroup on the forum and post your topic, current members will reply if they wish to approve you. If you are approved, you will be accepted into the usergroup and are now an official member of Big Dawg Gaming!

  • Perks of Being a Member

    So what's so special about being a member of Big Dawg Gaming?

  • Ability to use our official clan tag --> [BIGDAWGS]
  • Listed as an official member on our website
  • Ability to see secret topics on our forum
  • Get your channel/stream listed on the website and Youtube channel
  • The satisfaction of being a dope ass motha fucka :D

  • Activity

    These are some of the games we play. If you would like to join us in gameplay, contact someone and some of our players will get in contact with you.

    Chat With Us

    We are most active on our Discord server. Come join us! https://discord.gg/nz9wjeZ

    We may also be active in our IRC channel, which you can join below