What is the ron paul homeschooling program

Why this program is different

  • Cheaper Than Private School
  • Independently Taught After Elementary Level
  • Work At Your Own Pace
  • Rejects Common Core Curriculum
  • Learn Liberty Based Courses
  • Access to Private Forums
  • No expensive textbooks
  • Over 8000 video courses
  • No Home Internet Connection? Download the Videos On the Go and Learn at Home

  • Ron Paul Homeschooling in the news

    Start Learning Now!

    Sign up today with our subscription link and we will send you .01 BTC back as a thank you! That's right, $10+ value just for using our referral link! Just click the link below and sign up. After your payment is confirmed, we will contact you and ask for a good Bitcoin address

    Free Course Trials!

    There are a couple free sample courses you can try out to see if you are interested in seeing the teaching style. Try before you buy!

  • Math 1A
  • Reading 1A

  • Live Support Chatroom

    Questions, Comments or Concerns? Stop by our live chatroom and if we are online, we can help!

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